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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Administrative Behaviour and Institutional Efficiency in Selected Universities in Central UgandaNakimuli, Amina; Sumil, Novembrieta; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Mwebesa, Edson; Byabashaija, Deusdedit; Bamaiyi, Pwaveno
2017-08Antecedents of statistics anxiety in a higher education systemMwebesa, Edson; Sumil, Novembrieta; Hassan, Abdulle Hassan; Cephus, Diggs
2018-08Antecedents of statistics anxiety in a higher education systemMwebesa, Edson; Sumil, Novembrieta; Musinguzi, Danson
2015Benchmarking as a Component of Governance in Greater Bushenyi Districts, Western Uganda;approved for oral presentation: Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Conference, September 28-29, 201Byabashaija, Deusdedit; Sumil, Novembrieta; Nakimuli, Amina; Matovu, Swaleh
2016Beyond the fundamental precepts on social responsibility: the minds-on hearts-on and hands-on learning engagements of Kampala International University;Towards employability of graduates in higher education system Institute for Social Research, Kampala International UniversitySumil, Novembrieta
2013Business efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in selected districts in western Uganda.Turyahebwa, Abanis; Sunday, A. B.; Aluonzi, Eliab; Yahaya, B.; Sumil, Novembrieta
2015Business Process: Design, Development and Implementation of an E-Procurement and Supply Management System at Kampala International UniversityAlone, Kimwise Dr; Sumil, Novembrieta; Ssenyonga, Taddeo Dr.
2015Challenges from Language Shift: Advocating Intercultural Dialogue as a Commitment Principle for the Millennium Development Goals;approved for oral presentation: Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Conference, September 28-29, 2015.Asingwire, Richard; Sumil, Novembrieta; Tindi, Seje Nuru; Nakimuli, Amina; Nyonsima, Eliezer
2017-08Child Soldier Scenario and Children’s Protection Within Armed Conflicts: A Positivist’s ViewCephus, Diggs; Sumil, Novembrieta; Otanga, Rusoke; Sumil, Manuel; Hassan, Abdulle Hassan; Mwebesa, Edson
2015Driving forces for change management in selected higher education institutions(HEI's) of learning in central Uganda, East Africa: a meta- analysis (Accepted and approved for oral presentation at the 2015 Fall Global Mindset on Leadership and Management Conference, September 11-13, 2015, Los Angeles, California, USA)Sumil, Novembrieta; Sumil, Manuel O.; Kibuuka, Muhammad T.; Tusiime, Adella
2015Economics of Tuition Fees: Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Differentiated Tuition Fee System in Selected Ugandan Universities;approved for oral presentation: Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Conference, September 28-29, 2015.Sumil, Novembrieta; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Sumil, Manuel; Muhanguzi, Kibs; Mwebesa, Edson; Katushabe, Scovia
2013Effectiveness of a proposed system design on academic management of Kampala International University: design, development and implementationMubaraka, Conrad M; Ssenyonga, Taddeo Dr.; Sumil, Novembrieta
2015Empirical data set on parenting styles:link with post millennium development goals’ global development agendaSumil, Manuel; Sumil, Manuel Ray; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Sumil, Novembrieta; Nuwagira, Adoniya; Nakimuli, Amina; Byabashaija, Deusdedit; Katushabe, Scovia; Mwebesai, Edson; Kyeyune, Kirabo
2015Evidence-based insights linked to the millennium development goalsSumil, Novembrieta
2013Financial growth and bureaucratic structures of international businesses in banks of Uganda.Kirabo, Kyeyune Bounty Joseph; Kabir, Haruna; Sumil, Novembrieta
2010Financial performance in the selected micro-finance institutions in UgandaSunday, Arthur; Turyahebwa, Abanis; Sumil, Novembrieta; Byamukama, Eliab
2012Growth and internationalization of small enterprises in Kampala district, UgandaOlutayo, Osunsan K; Sumil, Novembrieta
2015Innovative teaching-learning at postgraduate level: An advocacy, a creative pedagogy package from actual experience and experimentationSumil, Novembrieta
2015Job related extrinsic facets in an in-site academic workplace:an empirical view on the theories of Herzberg’s hygiene factors and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs :presented at the Canadian International Conference on Advances in Computer Science, Humanities and Education, April 1-2, 2015, Dubai, UAE)Sumil, Novembrieta; Sumil, Manuel; Sumil, Manuel Paul; Sigue, Tabitha; Sigue, Marcelo
2015Literacy status before and after the multi-pronged outreach approach of Bugema University in Kalagala county, Luwero District, Uganda presented at the International Conference on Innovation in Social Science, Literature and Education, June 1-3, 2015, Dubai, UAESigue, Marcelo; Sigue, Tabitha; Sumil, Novembrieta; Sumil, Manuel