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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12The legal and institutional framework regulating the custody of children vis-a-vis the welfare principle in Uganda: a case study of Kampala districtCaroline, Grace Atiang
2010-04Level of motivation and academic performance of learners: case study of central division, Tharaka south district, KenyaMakena, Stella
2014-11Loan management and financial performance of selected savings and credit cooperatives in Kampala district, UgandaNorah, Kwizera
2010-11The major causes of child abuse in Kibuli zone, Makindye division- Kampala districtSsengonzi, Emmy
2012-05Motivation and employee performance: case of Wamuco motors (u) ltd industrial area plot 32 Kampala UgandaLucy, Apio
2010-05Motivation of teachers and academic performance of learners in selected schools of Makindye division, Kampala district, UgandaKigoye, Richard Wampamba
2011-08Performance-based rewards and the performance of teachers in private secondary schools in Kampala districtNangoti, Peter
2011-11The phenomenon of child abuse and factors leading to increased physical child abuse in Uganda: a case study of central division, Kamwokya village , Kifumbira ii zone in Kampala district of central province –UgandaMukalazi, Hormisdasc
2015-09Poor public policy making and community services delivery in Makindye East Division, Kampala districtDuang Deng Bak, Dominic
2006-08The private sector and Labour conditions in Kampala district (Uganda)Wilberforce, Tindyebwa
2010-09Restrictive abortion legislation and maternal mortality: Case study of Mityana and Kampala districtsTuryamubona, Erasmus Elly
2012-08Retail store design and customer satisfaction of selected supermarkets in Kampala district UgandaNakato, Sarah
2011-09The role of police in the criminal justice system: a case study of Kampala districtSteve, Bakari Apot
2017-10Role of population growth on increased unemployment among the youth in Uganda: a case study of Kansanga parish, Makindye division, Kampala districtIsabirye, Robert
2018-09Social stratification and access to primary education in Uganda: a case study of Bunga Primary School, Makindye division, Kampala DistrictAmos, Opioko
2019-04Stigma and discrimination among patients with mental illness in selected Mental health centers in Kampala districtNambogwe, Joanita
2010-11Students' discipline as a cause of school dropout among the selected senior secondary schools in Makindye division, Kampala districtMuganzi, Catherine
2011-05Teamwork and employee performance: a case study of Kampala districtBakijuza, Adrine
2012-02The Uganda human rights commission and the protection of abused children in Kampala district, Central divisionNkhonjera, Ellzabeth
2012-02The Uganda Human Rights Commission and the Protection of abused children in Kampala district, Central divisionNkhonjera, Elizabeth