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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10The causes of girls' school dropout in Agwata Sub-County- Dokolo District: a case study in Awerowot Primary School (2007 - 2009)Achol, Geoffrey
2008-08Causes of high drop -out rates in primary and secondary schools: a case of Nguu division - Kibwezi districtMuteti Muthoka, Anthony
2009-08Causes of high dropout rate of girls in upper primary in Nagongera Sub County Tororo District UgandaOchieng, Noah
2009-07Causes of High Girl-Child Dropout of Schools in Mayuge Town Council, Mayuge DistrictNakisita, Annet
2014-12Causes of High Infant Mortality Rate in Kacheliba Town Council North Pokot District.Andiema, Bruno Chesaria
2008-09Causes of high pupil drop-out in primary schools under Free Primary Education (FPE) in Muchukwo Zone, Barswessa Division Rift-Valley Province-KenyaAmdany, Charles Bartoo
2012-05The causes of HIV/Aids and its effect on girl child education in Bugiri district: case study of Muterere sub-countyFrancis, Oketcho John
2009-07Causes of increased inflow of foreign students in Ugandan Institutions of learning: a case study of Kampala International University, Kansanga Ggaba road.Ssekiwunga, James
2010-04Causes of indiscipline in secondary schools: a case study Keumbu Division Kisii Central District, Kenya.Gekonge, Kwaba; Jocob
2015-07Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and the Legal Effects Thereof: A case study of Naguru Remand Home.Nduggwa, Ivan
2009-11Causes of Learners Absenteeism and School Dropout in Selected Primary Schools of Keiyo District, KenyaKiprop, Kibet Moses
2010-11The Causes of Learners Poor Performance in Science Subject in Selected Primary Schools of Tulimani Division, Mbooni- West District KenyaKasikl Nzwili, Peninnah
2009-10Causes of Low Achievements in Science in Primary Schools A Case Study of Four Schools in Dadamu Sub-CountyLema, Dickson
2010-08; 2010-08Causes of low performance in chemistry at Mbale high school in Vihiga district, Western province – KenyaKayugira, Damaris Sindavi; Kayugira, Damaris Sindavi
2017-06Causes of low presumptive tax compliance in Uganda:Kinyera, Ronald
2009-12The causes of moral decay in secondary schools of Nakawa division: a case study of Naguru parish schoolsNdawula, Aziz
2012-09The causes of northern Uganda - south Sudan border Conflict:Unzi, Patrick
2010-08Causes of political instability in northern Uganda: A case study of Gulu districtNakawesi, Editor
2010-01Causes of poor academic performance among pupils within selected primary schools in Masinga division, Yatta district, KenyaMulilya, Mutyeia
2010-08Causes of poor Academic Performance among Pupils within Selected Primary Schools in Tigania Central Division, Tigania East District, Kenya.Kagwiria, Judith Muketha