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Title: The Challenges in Investigating and Prosecuting Computer Crimes. A Reflection on Online Fraud in Uganda.
Authors: Atuheire, Herbert
Keywords: Investigating and Prosecuting
Computer Crimes
Reflection on Online Fraud
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: Kampala International University; School of Law
Abstract: Computer crime a concept which to date has defied a globally accepted definition appears to be the latest challenge to man and the same commands for strict attention. The word computer crime is on the lips of almost everyone involved in the use of the computer: and internet be it individual, Co-operate, organization, national, multinational or international. The attention accorded cybercrimes is not far-fetched, on one hand, it is partly rooted in its unavoidable nature as a result of the fact that telecommunications via the cyberspace is the veritable means by which social interaction, global trade and commerce are transacted: and on the other hand. The economic losses to which citizens are exposed whether now or in the nearest future. Aside economic losses, other consequences of computer crimes includes but not limited to setback to the brand image and company reputation, otherwise known as goodwill, loss of intellectual property and sensitive data. Opportunity costs which include but not limited to service arid employment disruptions penalties and compensatory payments to affected clienteles. Contractual compensation for delays, cost of countermeasures and insurance. Cost of mitigation strategies and recovery iron Cyber-attacks. The loss of trade: competitiveness; distortion and job loss. This dissertation paper argues that it is not as if relevant laws and regulations are not in place because some civilized nations in the world have in one form or another, enacted laws against computer crime yet. The challenge remains intractable and bewildering as nation, across the globe strives to curb computer crimes through the instrumental it of the law so are the cyber criminals devising new and sophisticated techniques thereby rendering impotent the extent legal measures. This dissertation intends to bring to the fore, a comprehensive account or why computer crimes remain a challenge in order to showcase the magnitude of the challenge faced by humanity in the hope that when the extent of the problem is known may be a global solution would with time be fashioned out, to stem the tide of computer crimes.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To School Of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the A Ward of the Degree in Law (LLB) of Kampala International University
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