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Title: Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management and Contract Performance among Manufacturing Firms: A Case of Hima Cement Factory
Authors: Nyakaisik, i Brenda
Keywords: Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management
Contract Performance
Manufacturing Firms
Hima Cement Factory
Issue Date: Aug-2018
Publisher: Kampala International University, bachelors degree in supply and procurement management
Abstract: The research study aimed at examining the influence of Buyer-Supplier Relationship Management on Contract Performance in Hima Cement Factory. The objectives of the study were 10:- to establish the influence of information exchange on contract performance in Hima cement factory, to determine the influence of trust and commitment on contract performance of Hima cement Factory and to assess the effects buyer-supplier partnerships on contract performance at Hima Cement. This study used a case study research design involving quantitative methods (Andaleeb, 19%).The quantitative approach was used to quantify incidences in order to describe current conditions and to investigate the relationships between Buyer-Supplier Relationship and Contract Performance using information gained from the questionnaires (Scott, 2002). The qualitative approach was used to explain the events and describe findings using interviews and documentary analysis. All this enabled the researcher to gain in-depth information that was used to find solutions for the research questions of the study (Creswell, 2003). The researcher obtained an introductory letter from the university (Kampala international University) which she presented to the management of Hima Cement Factory for permission and consent. The data that was obtained from the respondents and treated purely as an academic information and confidential for the safety. social and psychological well-being of the respondents. From the data collected it is evident that trust communication. risk assessment and management and Strategic supplier partnership have a positive correlation to Contract Performance. From the summary on the findings. it can be concluded that. buyer-supplier relationship management practices and the Contract performance in Hima Cement Company are positively related. The positive relationship between supplier relationship management and organizational performance should be acknowledged based cm the results shown in the summary of the findings above. The study was based on the findings and conclusion proposes that Hima Cement Factory need to critically reconsider several aspects of the Buyer-supplier relationship strategies. First there is need to be regularly reviewing the strategics to be in line with the changes in expectation and needs of the customers. From the finding technology adoption was said to be among the least utilized relationship marketing strategy and therefore the players need to critically analyze the situation and rectify it.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To the Department Of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of a Bachelors Degree in Procurement and Supply Management of Kampala International University
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