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Title: Development and implementation of a management system to enhance sales: a case study of Uganda clays ltd, Uganda
Authors: Yadiel Berhe, Tesfamariam
Wamboi Namuwenge, Irene
Keywords: Development
Management system
Uganda clays ltd
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Kampala international University College of Economics and Management
Abstract: This project is main objective of this project was to design a management system to enhance sales for Uganda Clay's with the a view of improving data capture, ease the sales process, retrieval and production of timely repo1is so as to improve the decision making by management and the overall performance of the Uganda Clay's ltd. Currently, Ugandan Clay's is using a Traditional (manual) sales system to capture sale's transaction. Traditional Sales system tends to be characterized by high levels of bureaucracy, encumbered with manual authorization (often requiring multiple signatures independent of the order value.)This involves bills such as Purchase order, Invoice, Requisition note, Tender Process, Delivery notes which in process cause a lot of delays, slow communication and create bulky paper work which made them hard to organize and document. Because of the difficulty of analyzing all these documents in short period the sales department was often late in presenting sales reports to the management, a key factor in making future decisions. A management system was designed with an Item master, Sale master, Purchase master, Bill master to store all records and generate a detailed report on stock items, sales details, purchase details, record levels and daily expenses.
Description: A Graduation Project Report Submitted to the School of Computer Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Business Computing of Kampala International University
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