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dc.contributor.authorMutua, Anne Kalee-
dc.descriptionA research report submitted to School of Business and Management as a partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in International Business of Kampala International Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe study was aimed at establishing the effect of using premiums in consumer sales promotion on the sales performance of an Organization taking Mukwano industries as a case study. The main issue was the fact some product lines still experienced sales fluctuation despite the fact that Organizations used some of the best methods of promotion and thus there was a need for the Organization consider the intervention of premiums as a new sales promotion tool in order to improve sales performance. The purpose of the study was therefore to find out whether Companies incorporated premiums as a sales promotion tool, establish the type and quality of the premiums they offer as well as find out which products were promoted using premiums. In addition, the study was also aimed at finding out the effect of using premiums in sales promotion on the sales performance of the Organization. Fmiher more the study addressed questions such as; which companies used premiums in their sales promotion? What type and quality of premiums were offered? Which products were promoted using premiums? What was the relationship between premiums and sales promotion? The study was Cross sectional since it targeted the views of the people who were most informed about the Organization's activities and operations Thus the Respondents comprised of consumers of the Organizations' products, the employees and sales managers as well as the Distributors of the Organizations' products. The study was conducted in Kampala, Uganda and the data collection instruments and methods included interviews, questionnaires, and observation and past records. The analysis of the data was done using both qualitative and quantitative methods The findings revealed that some Companies like Mukwano industries incorporated premiums in their sales promotion and the type of premium that were offered included the On-pack type, In-pack type and the Gift-with-Purchase type. In addition the type of products promoted using these premiums were the Soaps and Detergents, Body and Skin care products and the Households products. The findings also revealed that premium had a positive effect on sales performance when appropriately incorporated this was evident in the increased popularity and distribution of the product resulting to increased sales performance. The study therefore recommended that companies should consider the use of premiums in their sales promotion since it can positively influence the sales of a product However , before incorporating this tool, the Company should carefully consider all the factors involved like the costs involved, Competitors promotional activities, type of product to be promoted as well as the choice of premium in accordance with the type of product in order to make the promotion a success.en_US
dc.publisherKampala International University, School of Business and Managementen_US
dc.subjectsales promotionsen_US
dc.titleThe use of premiums in consumer sales promotions and its effect on the sales performance of an organization. A case study; the Mukwano Industries, Kampala, Ugandaen_US
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