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Title: Teaching /Learning Aids And Academic Performance of Pupils in Selected Primary Schools of Siongiroi Zone, Siongiroi Division, Bometdistrict Kenya
Authors: Chepkemoi, Edna Milgo
Keywords: Teaching / Learning Aids
Academic Performance of Pupils
Primary Schools
Bomet district
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University;College of Open and Distance Learning Education
Abstract: The study set out to investigate the effect of teaching / learning aids on academic performance of pupils in selected primary schools of Siongiroi zone, Siongiroi division, Barnet District - Kenya. Primary schools in this region have not been performing very well in KCPE for a number of years. Random sampling techniques were used to select 72 pupils from public schools and 24 from private schools making a total sample size of 96 pupils. The same technique was used to select 72 teachers from public schools and 24 from private schools making a total sample size of 96 teachers. Purposive sampling was used to select 12 head teachers. One instrument was employed in data collection and this was the researcher made questionnaire. Data was then presented in percentages and frequency distribution tables. The findings of the study revealed that the most commonly available teaching learning aids in schools are the visual materials 52%) of the respondents views). Also (89'X, of the pupils view) are motivated to learn when teaching - learning aids are used while (92%) of the teachers support the same fact. The findings also showed that it is difficult to carry out demonstrations using learning aids in situations where classes are large. This was (100% of the head teachers view). It was also found that learning resources have a significant effect on pupil's performance. This was also (100% of the head teachers' view). The researcher concluded that teachers and pupils prefer to teach and learn, touching and manipulating learning resources since they greatly influence learning. The researcher recommends that the relevance, suitability and applicability of learning resources should be tested before they are applied and that not all stakeholders should strive to provide them since they (learning aids) significantly boost pupil's academic performance.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To The Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Education In Early Childhood And Primary Education Of Kampala International University
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