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dc.contributor.authorKivuva, Ndanu-
dc.contributor.authorCaroline, Caroline-
dc.descriptionA research report submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor Of Arts of Education of Kampala International University.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe study topic was analysis on school dropouts in Machakos district of Eastern province of Kenya. The study was guided by the following specific objectives: to investigate the causes of school dropouts in Machakos district, to establish the effects of school dropouts in Machakos district and to establish strategies to curb school dropout cases. A case study design was used and the study was a cross section survey which involved head teachers, parents and students of selected schools who gave a detailed account of their views with regards to the cases of school dropouts in Machakos district. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Interviews and questionnaires were the tools used and both primary and secondary sources of data were used and formed part of this research. The findings reveal that the major causes of school dropout are poverty, drug abuse, family problems and unwanted pregnancies. The effects of school dropout as identified are joblessness, increase in crime rate, as well as poverty and underdevelopment. Appropriate strategies have been suggested to curb the phenomenon of school dropout. Some of these include involvement by the government by offering more bursaries, girls who drop out of school should be given a second chance to continue after delive1y. The researcher gave the following recommendations, guidance and counseling, public awareness, the government should offer more bursaries and other financial assistance and finally the government should intervene on the issue of students joining businesses. From the findings, the researcher concluded that the problem of school dropout is still a big problem in Machakos district with many students dropping out each year. Education being a key to development and to the ability of a country to keep up with the first moving technological change, it 1s of paramount importance that this problem be discouraged.en_US
dc.publisherKampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learningen_US
dc.subjectSchool dropoutsen_US
dc.subjectEastern Provinceen_US
dc.titleAnalysis on school dropouts in Machakos District Eastern Province of Kenyaen_US
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