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Title: Factors responsible for sustaining the practice of female circumcision in Tumaini Zone, Nyandarua north District of Kenya
Authors: Grace, Hungu W.
Keywords: Sustaining
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Abstract: This study attempted to analyze the factors responsible for the persistence female circumcision among the people of Tumaini zone, Nyandarua North district of Kenya. It \H,s realized that despite the tireless effons of the international community to stop Female Circumcision the practice still goes on in Kenya. The indigenous people take it for cultural, religious, social conformity, sexuality control among other items thus peqJetuate it. Data was gathered using qualitati\·e methods like intervie\\·s. focus group discussions and observation and quantitative methods \\'here questionnaires were used. Secondan· data \H,s gathered through Iibrarv search. Data \\'as descriptive!\· anal\·zed and presented in a statistical \\'ay \\'here percentages, ratios \\'ere integrated in charts, tables, and graphs. Findings sho\\'ed that indigenous people emphasized circumcision of \\·omen because it sho\\'s brm·eness since the exercise 1s so painful ancl one who stands it can as \\'ell stand life challenges especially marriage life. While religious leaders argued that it is used for body cleaning. Recommendations and conclusion was made.
Description: Research report submitted to Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of a degree in Primary Education with Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
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