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Title: Design and implementation of focal persons' details information management system for a non-governmental organization a case study of Trias Uganda
Authors: Eryeza, Kiggundu
Keywords: Computer science
Focal persons'
Details information management system
Non-governmental organization
Trias Uganda
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
Abstract: The Information Management System changes the way we do organizations. That's inescapable conclusion of many organization's seeking to use Information Management System technology to gain a competitive advantage in an ever more Information Management System –based organization environment. Increasingly an Information Management System is seen as an appropriate way for organizations use to capture data, organize information and store information in order to facilitate easy access and modification. Of course, information management system technology has always had an impact on the way the organizations operate companies are increasingly adopting to use of information management system technology to organize and store data, and to enhance their core company processes and most organizations with more than a handful of employees use a manual system for keeping files and phone calls to share data. What makes the information management systems such a major organization issue is the way they captures information, organizes information, analyzes information, compiles information , manipulates information and stores information and makes previously unimaginable levels of data management and ability of sharing data. When a Non-governmental organization such as Trias Uganda uses the information management system, for capturing focal persons' details it takes place in a micro second and clients can do an exercise in the shortest possible time. If an NGO is to survive, let alone prosper, in the information management system technology it needs to examine what it does and how it does it closely and identifies ways to make its organization processes adoptable to the information management system
Description: Project report submitted to the college of applied sciences and technology in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of diploma in computer science of Kampala international university
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