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Title: Perception on inter-ethnic conflict relative to pupils’ attendance in schools in Marsabit district
Authors: Liban, Wario Duba
Keywords: Inter-ethnic conflict
Pupils’ attendance in schools
Marsabit district
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: 2010
Abstract: The state of life and education in the inter –ethnic clash prone area in relation to provision of education in Marsabit district is so pathetic and deplorable, that some measures should be put in place for these children to grow, develop and learn like any other children where this culture of ethnicity is non existent. The researcher was guided by the following specific objectives: To determine the perception on inter-ethnic conflict by the peace committee in regard to causes, solutions and effects on pupils and to find out the perception on inter-ethnic conflict from the parents, elders and head teachers as to factors and ways of curbing conflicts.
Description: Abstract currently available in soft copy
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