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Title: Parental Involvement And Academic Performance In Physics In Selected Secondary Schools In Mbale Municipality, Uganda
Authors: Neumbe, Phen
Keywords: Parental Involvement
Academic Performance
Mbale Municipality
Issue Date: May-2016
Abstract: Parental involvement in children’s activities is very is important since their responsibility can affect a child’s life in aspects. This study investigated the effects parental involvement in their children education activities and academic performance in physics subject in mbale municipality, Uganda. The study sought to find to find out whether the parental involvement in their children’s education activities affect academic performance in physics subject and to establish the significant relationship between the variables. The study used a descriptive survey design in a particular descriptive correlation design. The population of this study was 50 teachers from the eight schools selected from rnbale municipality .The sample size were best selected by use of Slovene’s formula. The research instruments used to collect primary data were questionnaires and the check list. It was established that the parent’s involvement in the school activities of children is low. The research finding revealed that the level of performance in physics was low in selected secondary schools, a significant strong positive relationship was also found out to exist between the level of parental involvement and academic performance in physics subject in Mbale municipality .The study recommended that parents fully get involved in education activities of their children. The researcher therefore recommend that there should be supervision out by the ministry of education and sports, district inspectors of schools to inspect all school programs which bring parent and teachers on board and if not existing, then they should be called upon to respond accordingly. Recognition or awarding parents who fully get involved in education activities of their children by school and government. Developing of programs which increase parent involvement in education activities which reduce the gap between children’s learning activities and their parent’s such as meetings at least two times a term. Sensitizing the public about the importance of parental involvement in their children’s learning activities through mass media such as radios, televisions will increase parent’s awareness of what parental involvement means because majority of the parents are ignorant. Involving political leaders, leaders for non governmental organization such as churches, mosques and stake holders for other places where people gather to mobilize and encourage parents about the importance of full involvement in their children’s education activities on academic performance of physics subject.
Description: A Research Dissertation Submitted To College Of Education, Open, Distance And E-Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of Bachelor’s Degree In Science Education Of Kampala International University.
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