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Title: Seft regulation and cultural orientation on the academic achievement of university students on distance education in Kampala, Uganda.
Authors: Sangaire, Eddie Morgan
Keywords: Distance learning
Distance education
University education
culture in education
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Institute for Research & Education
Series/Report no.: Global of Interdisciplinary Social Science;vol. 2 no.4 pp.1-8;
Abstract: Correlated in this study were the variables of self regulation,‭ ‬cultural orientation and academic achievement of university students on distance education in Kampala,‭ ‬Uganda.‭ ‬To test the null hypotheses,‭ ‬the ex post facto,‭ ‬descriptive comparative and descriptive correlation designs were employed.‭ ‬Data were analyzed using frequency and percentage distributions,‭ ‬means,‭ ‬t-test,‭ ‬analysis of variance and Chi-Square.‭ ‬There was no significant difference in the extent of self regulation,‭ ‬degree of cultural orientation and level of academic achievement between gender,‭ ‬type of university and among nationalities thus the null hypotheses were accepted; ‬there was a significant correlation between the extent of self regulation and degree of cultural orientation on the level of academic achievement,‭ ‬therefore the null hypothesis was rejected.‭ ‬In conclusion,‭ ‬the culture fit theory of Kanungo and Jaerger‭ (‬1990‭) ‬and its elaboration by Aisha‭ (‬2007‭) ‬were validated and proven true through the findings of this study while self regulation and cultural orientation were proven predictors to academic achievement.‭ ‬The recommendations based on the findings of this study addressed to the institutions understudy,‭ ‬to the distance learners and distance education facilitators were in these areas:‭ ‬proactive stance on gender sensitivity,‭ ‬managing cross cultural variations; ‬enhancing learner’s autonomy,‭ ‬cultural orientation and academic achievement.
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ISSN: 2319 8834
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