Mixed farming and soil degradation; a case study of Nyarubuye sub county Kisoro district south western Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science
The study was undertaken to analyze the relationship between mixed farming and soil degradation in Nyarubuye Sub County. The study objectives included; finding out different mixed farming practices in Nyarubuye Sub County, identify impacts of mixed farming on soil degradation in Nyarubuye Sub County and to analyze the solutions of on how to over come soil degradation. Data was collected basing on the above objectives and each objective was handledafter the other. Different mixed faming practices in Nyarubuye Sub County were identified and these included mixed cropping, live stock farming agro forestry though most farmers practiced more than one. On the other hand the impacts these farming practices on soil were identified and were found to be serious. These included soil erosion as a result of over grazing and poor farming methods, soil compaction and soil pollution among others. Different forms of soil degradation in Nyarubuye Sub County due these farming practices were identified and these included soil exhaustion, soil compaction among many. Research results from strategies employed by farmers to overcome the problem of soil degradation were revealed and these included, Afforestation, terracing, mulching. Sensitization was analyzed as an important strategy that can avail farmers with knowledge on soil degradation as a problem and how it can be dealt with. According to findings from the study, the researcher concludes that soil degradation is a serious problem in Nyarubuye Sub County, Uganda, and world at large and from findings and emphasizes use of various strategies effectively to overcome the problem. However the researcher recommends further research on the problem.
A research dissertation submitted to the school of engineering and applied sciences in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of bachelors of science in environment management of Kampala International University
Mixed farming, Soil degradation