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dc.contributor.authorMohamoud, Mohamed Ismail-
dc.descriptionA dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a degree of bachelor of science in environmental management of Kampala international university Ugandaen_US
dc.description.abstractThe effects of charcoal burning on the forest resources is intended to discover the extent of the problem because of unhealthy combination of deforestation and booming population was inflicting hardship on women and children . They could no longer find charcoal, and when they could, they couldn't afford it. The rapid population growth in Mabira forest in Mukono district has led to increased deforestation in pen-urban areas and the densely populated fragile highlands’~ in the east and south west. The increase in urban population corresponds to the increase in the demand for charcoal of 6% per annum. This has serious implications on deforestation. Charcoal production accelerates deforestation because unlike firewood, which is mostly got from dead branches and stems in rural areas, charcoal production involves the felling of live trees. Charcoal production is also highly inefficient due to wasteful technologies currently in use. The rate of urbanization is faster than that of population growth and unless something is done to provide cheaper fuels to the urban population, deforestation is expected to increase at a similar rate if charcoal remains the dominant fuel for the urban dwellers. The consumption of sawn timber and poles are also increasing with urbanization. So this research conducted was to find out the causes of charcoal burning, how its affected and how to get possible solution on the Mabira forest The researcher has used both purposive and systematic random sampling to select seventy (70) people in the select sample. Systematic sampling deals with population that is relatively homogenous and small. After getting the sample fraction, the researcher used simple random sampling to select size. Researcher used as data collection instrument Questionnaire, interview and Observation checklist, After collection of data and has discussed with the help of excel program the study concluded there were correlation between the variables There are some recommendation toward how to eradicate prolonged issues and deforestation (charcoal burning) which are, to introduction of affordable alternative energies is important to reduce the current consumption rates of charcoal in the urban and pen-urban areas It is necessary to identify alternatives to ensure that incomes generated at the rural level remain there to develop the area. And also promote renewable resourcesen_US
dc.publisherKampala International University, School of engineering and applied scienceen_US
dc.subjectCharcoal burningen_US
dc.subjectMabira forest resourceen_US
dc.subjectMukono districten_US
dc.titleThe effects of charcoal burning on Mabira forest resource Mukono district, central-Ugandaen_US
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