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Title: The rights of lawful and bonafide occupants on mailo land and How such rights a-re violated in Uganda
Authors: Wafula, Caroline
Keywords: Rights
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Law
Abstract: Tl1is stUd) '"" ahtlUt the rights ol' Ia\\ l'ul and bonafide occupants on iV\ailo land and h011 such rights \\ere\ illl~lh."d in l 1gnnda. This \\cts carried out in Uganda\\ ith spcci lie aims of examining: the rights ol' l:n1 1\i\ ~mel borwlidc occupants on iVlailo land: the abuse ol'the rights ol.the honalidc occupants on fvlailo land: the effectiveness of the Jaw governing bonalide occupancy on fv\ailo l:>nrl: and suggesting improvements that can be made on bonafide occupancy rights on fvlailo land. A review or related literature was carried out on existing information on the specilic variables or this paper to comprehend the problem, enrich and supplement the study Jindings. The study established that lawful and bonafide occupants on iV\ailo land need to be provided with rights or purchase. derived tenure. rights of access to information on sale of land. right among others. II em e1 er these rights lwd been abused through encumbrances put on land. they could not usc' it to secure loans. evictions without compensation moreover their purchase right \\as ignored. On the other hand much as this was the case. the lm1 had managed to grnnt access rights to o•:cupann much '" this remained controversial \\ith interests of land o\\ncrs. l'he stud\ concluded th~1t ri,dlls\\ ful and bonalide occupants \\ere still yet to be abused if parliament did not ur1ckr take bal~1nce of interests of the occupants 11ith that of the 011 ners of land. \\ hilc nwking atl) other attempts to review the tenure ship of fvlailo land, then priority needed to be l(iven to the' issues tlwt surround fvlai lo land. The study recommended that there was need to: set realistic time limits lc1r the meeting of the district land boards: drawing legal supportive measures to c'nhance borTm\ ing: seeking legal advice: sensitizing community on their land rights: estublishing the degree of Subsidiar·ity granted: recognizing the legitimae) and dynamism oJ' ckrived ri!.!hts: need to regulate degree of autonomy to generate acceptance and sensitizing landlords <>n dcrin'd rights
Description: A research report submitted to the School Of Law in partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the A ward of Diploma in Law of Kampala International University
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