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Title: Examination of the legal frame work on matrimonial property
Authors: Norah, Injelwe .0
Keywords: Examination
Legal frame work
Matrimonial property
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University.College Of Law
Abstract: Women's prope11y rights for a long time have been violated because of many factors including patriarchy. This is where men dominate all the affairs of the society and woman are left to watch things happen even when they are the ones who participate more but earns less. The gender stereotypes where women are seen as a weaker sex and they are made to believe that whatever the society thinks of tern is true and live by it. The researcher looked at the rights of women to own property in marriage as provided for in the international instruments and the municipal laws as well as their implementations. This research explores the extent to which the laws have protected women's rights to own property during marriage and the implementation therefore obstacles that women face while trying to achieve their rights to own property and ways of eliminating these obstacles. The researcher used primary and secondary method of data collection. Under primary method questionnaires and interviews and under secondary method were published and unpublished articles. The researcher came out with 56% of the married women do not do own property. With 24% of women do not do own property long before this time women did not own property, with 24% in Kamwokya already realizing this right am sure the rest of the country will soon have the full right to own property and the advocacy to do away with the stereotypes that women cannot own property because they are weak is extensively done.
Description: Dissertation submitted to the faculty of Law in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Diploma in Law of Kampala International University.
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