The role played by the media in fighting poverty a case study of central broadcasting services (CBS)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
A combination of economic growth and committed revenue raising should give most governments considerable scope to devote increased resources in addressing the issue of poverty. In fighting poverty we need to briefly review the extent and nature of poverty across nationals. We then consider the role of the media and revenue raising tools that can hamper social expenditure. Pove1iy is a state of insolvency in which man cannot meet all the obligations required for survival. In handling the problems of poverty we also need to analyze whether the introduction of credible un employment benefit schemes would aid labour market reform and in the process help in solving the problem there of in work poverty. We have to consider efforts and improvements in the media sector targeting social assistance and categorical benefits directed to reducing poverty. Important to note is that, inequality is increasing around the world, while the world appears to be globalizing. Even the wealthiest nations have the largest gap between the rich and the poor. But in many cases, international politics and various policies have led to a diversion of available resources from domestic needs to the external world and keeping developing nations in continuous poverty. Historically, politics and power play by the elite leaders and rulers have increased poverty and dependency. These have often manifested them selves in wars, and the mercantile practices while presented as free trade still happen today. Poverty is therefore not just an economic issue, it is also an issue of political economics. However much the media is pointing out that the economies are booming and that, the current forms of development and economic policies are the only ways for people to prosper, there are increasing numbers of poor people who are missing out on the apparent viii boom, while increasingly less people are becoming far more wealthy. This research is then intended to find out whether the media is playing any important role in fighting poverty. In this research, I wiII gather information from various theories about poverty and reaching various respondents in a bid to address the issue of poverty in Uganda, and identifying the roles the media is playing in fighting poverty.
A project submitted to the faculty of social sciences as partial fulfillment for the a ward of a Bachelor’s Degree in mass communication of Kampala International University
Media, Poverty, Central broadcasting services (CBS)