Teachers Attitude and Learners with Mental Retardation in Eastleigh Zone, Kamukunji Division, Nairobi District Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
Learners with mental retardation have probably been the most misunderstood among all exceptional children, this has resulted in them being denied adequate opportunities to practice and develop their maximum potentials. Several derogatory terms have been used to refer to the learners with mental retardation; idiots, imbeciles, subnormal, feeble, morons and fools among others. This trend has persisted in spite of the many intervention strategies that have been put in place in efforts aimed at alleviating the problem. The objective of the study was to find out the relationship that exists between teachers attitude and learners with mental retardation in regular schools in eastleigh zone, kamukunji division, Nairobi district Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive survey method. It involved a total of 15 teachers from Nyuny~irpu, Daniel Comboni and M. .M Chandaria schools being represented by 5 teachers. A questionnaire was developed for the respondents. This instrument covered the following areas; teachers’ knowledge and understanding on mental retardation, teachers’ knowledge on educational provision of learners with mental retardation, teachers’ knowledge and understanding on integration, teachers view about factors that should be put in place for the successful implication of mental retardation on mental schools and finding out teachers view on integration. A majority of the teachers still hold the idea or belief that mental retardation is a condition caused by witchcraft, showing luck of knowledge as pertains to the causes of mental retardation. This has led to the conclusion that those under going the mental retardation should be taught in special schools and not in regular schools and as such showing teachers perception. The study recommended that there should be more public awareness campaigns through chiefs, barazas, workshops, church services to create awareness both at communal and school levels on mental retardation and other disabilities to help discard cultural and traditional beliefs. The mentally retarded especially the audible and trainable should be taken for vocational training to help them in future; the Teachers Service Commission should also employ more trained teachers to ease the work load enabling teachers to handle few learners and cater for individual differences among learners with special needs, among others.
A Research Report Presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Education (Special Needs) of Kampala International University.
Learners with Mental Retardation, Teachers Attitude, Kamukunji Division, Nairobi District Kenya