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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08Administrative Behaviour and Institutional Efficiency in Selected Universities in Central UgandaNakimuli, Amina; Sumil, Novembrieta; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Mwebesa, Edson; Byabashaija, Deusdedit; Bamaiyi, Pwaveno
2015Economics of Tuition Fees: Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Differentiated Tuition Fee System in Selected Ugandan Universities;approved for oral presentation: Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Conference, September 28-29, 2015.Sumil, Novembrieta; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Sumil, Manuel; Muhanguzi, Kibs; Mwebesa, Edson; Katushabe, Scovia
2015Empirical data set on parenting styles:link with post millennium development goals’ global development agendaSumil, Manuel; Sumil, Manuel Ray; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Sumil, Novembrieta; Nuwagira, Adoniya; Nakimuli, Amina; Byabashaija, Deusdedit; Katushabe, Scovia; Mwebesai, Edson; Kyeyune, Kirabo
2015Managerial skills and success of small scale enterprises in Kampala Uganda: presented at the Canadian International Conference on Advances in Computer Science, Humanities and Education, April 1-2, 2015, Dubai, UAEKibuuka, Muhammad; Sumil, Novembrieta; Byamukama, Eliab Mpora; Tindyebwa, Wilberforce; Kazibwe, Sophia; Sumil, Manuel; Ssemugenyi, Fred
2015Quantitative account of the business milieu and interplay with organismic variables based on multi-site empirical studies in Uganda, East Africa: accepted and approved for oral presentation at the 2015 Fall Global Mindset on Leadership and Management Conference, September 11-13, Los Angeles, California, USA.Sumil, Novembrieta; Sumil, Manuel; Kibuuka, Muhammad; Ssekajugo, Derick