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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10The constitutional history of Uganda since independence 1962: a critical analysisKajubi, George W.
2019-09A critical analysis into the right to information since 1962 to dateNasasira, Daniel
2017-08Critical analysis of corporate tax evasion in UgandaKusiima, Catherine
2019-03A critical analysis of electoral rights in South SudanAyaye Ayaye, Jacob
2018-01Critical analysis of lending on the security of matrimonial property in Uganda: the issue of spouseNassanga, Brenda Damali
2018-05A critical analysis of Pre-Trial detention in UgandaGukiina, Paul
2019-06A critical analysis of Public Interest Litigation as a means of Achieving Human Rights and Justice in Uganda.Nayebare, Faith
2019-08The critical analysis of the applicability of alternative dispute resolution in UgandaNamatovu, Jemima
2017-07Critical analysis of the applicability of article 4 of constitution of the Republic of UgandaHimbaza, Collines
2011-08The critical analysis of the doctrine of separation of powers in UgandaEsther, Bakundane
2014-04A critical analysis of the effectiveness of the Principle of separation of power in Uganda.Lutaava, Ramathan
2017-09Critical analysis of the effectiveness of the Ugandan tax System towards national developmentEmmanuel, Kutosi
2019-06A critical analysis of the effects of culture on gender discrimination in Uganda a case study of Apac districtOgwang Echonga, Benson
2014-06Critical analysis of the law regulating sexual offencesAwori, Ledochowska
2017-03A critical analysis of the law relating to children with disabilities in UgandaKimani, Joan W.
2017-08Critical analysis of the legal and institutional framework regarding matrimonial property in UgandaBirungi, Irene
2019-07A critical analysis of the legal regime regarding the rights of tenants on land in Uganda: a case study of Wakiso DistrictNampurira, Edson
2017-09Critical analysis of the public order management act 2013 law of UgandaIsmail, Obadia
2011-07A critical analysis of the trademarks law of Uganda 2010 and its enforceabilityJohnson, Kimera Natuhwera
2019-06Critical analysis on how International Criminal Court (ICC) has failed in fighting impunity case study Kenya.Letting Kipkirui, Ezekiel