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Title: Impact of the electronic media on the social behavior of university students: case study (NTV Kenya)
Authors: Mwende, Kiilu Phiona
Keywords: Electronic
Social behavior
University students
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University.College Of Humanities and social science
Abstract: Young people hold the key to society's future. Their ambitions, goals and aspirations for peace, security, development and human rights are often in accord with those of society as a whole. Primarily. globalization and rapid advances in information and communication technology have arguably contributed to the emergence of a new global media-driven youth culture. These trends have each had an impact on young people's socialization and on youth activism and other forms of civic engagement. With business and industry focusing on target audiences for product consumption, the media is a contributing factor in the creation of subcultures, cliques, and fragmented audiences. Hence, that culture categorizes and classifies our experiences, defining us and our world, providing and limiting options and guidelines for social behaviour. From television to blockbuster movies, from music to gammg entertainment, the media, focusing on our youth, showcases the glamour of segregated groups and subculture identification, and relays violence as being a legitimate avenue of expression for all youth groups. Ultimately, this research aims at identifying the impact of the media on the social behaviour of University students. Particularly, the study will focus on NTV Kenya since it emphasizes a lot on issues that concern young people. More so, the findings of the objectives are highlighted and recommendations given for the same
Description: Research project submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of Mass Communication of Kampala International University.
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