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Title: Teacher motivation and academic performance of students in selected secondary schools of Lunza Zone in Butere District Kenya
Authors: Ambunya Anyanga, Jackton
Keywords: Teacher motivation
Academic Performance
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University ,College of Education
Abstract: This was a study carried out in selected secondary schools in Lunza zone, in Butere district to investigate the relationship between teacher motivations and academic performance of learners in those schools. The following objectives guided the study; to establish whether bureaucratic structures influence students ~performance; to establish whether situational/organizational variables•’ influence students’ performance; and to establish whether job satisfaction of the teachers in secondary schools influences the level of academic performance of secondary schools. The study employed self-administered questionnaires with pre- corded question, interviews were also used and observations were made in the collection of the relevant data. Findings revealed that many of the respondents were uncomfortable and displeased at the bureaucratic structures which could be leading to demotivation of teachers. ft again emerged that organizational variables such as time of rest, recognition of teachers was less felt in teaching fraternity. The researcher also found out that teachers are not aware of their rights and what that means in the teaching profession. ft was recommended; that the government of Kenya should increase teachers and concentration in their teaching profession which will henceforth increase the academic performance of students. It was also recommended that the•~• government should develop structures like performance related pay (PRP) so that at least those who are committed to their work have equity in payments and remuneration. Incentives should also be given to teachers so that they can enjoy what they do, and this will eventually be passed on the way they handle pupils in class which will eventually improve the academic performance of students. There should be more awareness and institutionalization of the notion of motivation to Kenyan teachers, so that they can readily know its performance and hence yield results. Students should endeavor to ask their parents to buy them necessary school equipment and any other scholastic materials. The ministry of education of Kenya should be made aware that however much they want performance they should motivate teachers in rural areas not only focusing on the easily accessible urban teachers.
Description: A research report submitted to the college of education, open, distance and e-learning (COEDL) for the fulfillment of award in bachelor’s degree in education Kampala International University
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