Mothers awareness and utilization of PMTCT services in Makindye Division Wakiso District in Central Uganda a case study of Sabagabo Sub Countys

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social science
he study was about the Mothers awareness and utilization PMTCT services in Saba Gabo Sub County, makindye division in wakiso in central Uganda. The overall of the research objective was to assess the level of PMTCT services, to assess the causes of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS leading to poor performance of PMTCT services in sabagabo Sub County and the possible strategies to enhance the performance of PMTCT services as a means of preventing MTCT in sabagabo Sub County Makin dye division in wakiso district. The findings of the study was that the response of the mothers when called for PMTCT services was negative and that increasing the salary of health workers and providing transport by the government to the health workers could improve mother’s awareness. Maternal mortality among HIV-infected women was high and demands further attention as improved maternal survival is also a means to improve infant survival. The recommendation of the study was that there is need for the government to employ more health workers so that the ratio of health workers and patients is normal. This would increase on the coverage of the patients by the health workers which apparently is not good; furthermore there is need for massive sensitization and campaigns to publicize the information regarding PMTCT services especially in rural area like in sebagabo Sub County where this study was conducted. This would increase on awareness and thus utilization of the PMTCT services. The study concluded that most of the husband did not support offer support to their spouses when seeking PMTCT services and that poor sensitization and long distance were the major factors affecting utilization of PMTCT services, the study further concluded that most of the mothers did not access PMTCT services.
A research report submitted to college of humanities and social science in partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree in public administration and managemant of Kampala International University.
Mothers awareness, Utilization, PMTCT services, Makindye Division, Uganda