The impact of working conditions on teachers training in Uganda. a case study of primary school teachers in Kamuli District

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Kampala International University ,College of Education
lie study forth to investigate the working environment of teachers trainee that affect both the recruitment and training hence poor quality of education on which the researcher did this study in Kamuli district primary teachers college. He used the questionnaires as his instrument and computed them using the computer to tabulate. With question of community attitude about the school findings show that the introduction of UPE it resulted into poor performance of learners who later resorted to education as there last opinion. With findings of question of level of student’s performance and teacher’s academic performance it too indicates that those who passed with lower grades had resort to teaching as their last opinion since other courses required higher performance thus becoming an impact towards recruitment of teacher training. According to this study, recruitment is a process which is initiated at the moment a school leaver makes the option to join a teacher training institution, through training and development of a profession. Therefore the main objective of this study is to assess how the working environment of teacher trainee affects the recruitment and training. The poor working environment assigns teaching a low status which leads to the recruitment of poor performance school leavers’ teacher trainee who join the profession not by design but by coincidence. Choosing the profession because everything else has failed due to poor performance consequently sends to college teacher trainees who are defective and unable to undertake the rigorous course of two years. Significantly, this study will be useful to policy makers in reviewing and setting better working conditions which attract bright candidates who have teaching as their first choice and can completely undertake the 2-year teaching course. This study hinges on the system theory, which suggests that in a system each part must in union so as to produce results. In this context working conditions, recruitment and training a perceived as part of a whole to the effect that if one is defective then the system is paralyzed. Indeed findings shows that working conditions cause detest for teaching leading to attraction of academically unsound trainees hence defects in training due to incapability. Young people want to be identified by respectable and paid professions where the teaching fraternity falls far short from this.
Research report to be submitted to the college of education, open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor’s degree in education with arts at Kampala International University
Working Conditions, Teachers Training