The effect of public relations on organizational performance in the Uganda manufacturing sector; a case study of Mukwano Group of Companies (MGCS) Kampala-Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study aimed at determining the effect of public relations on employee performance in the manufacturing sector, a case of Mukwano Group of Companies (MGCs). The study employed an exploratory research approach to collect data from a sample of 92 respondents of which 54 were male which representing 59%, and 38 which was 41% were Female. Simple random sampling technique was used in selecting the sample. The questionnaire was the main instrument of data collection and the data tables expressed in terms of Percentages (%) were used for data analysis. That's Primary data was collected using self-administered questionnaires, on a face to face environment to ensure clarification of issues to the respondent and to attain high response rate and minimize errors. Secondary data was obtained through reviewing the existing literatures using literature review guide (study objectives). The data obtained was analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques including frequencies and percentages cross tabulations where appropriate. The findings of the study revealed that even if very small, a firm has the opportunity to achieve its set goals, attain competitiveness and outmaneuvers its rivals if it constructs a culture that fully utilizes the opportunities that come with public relations techniques , it further found that a manager needs to select appropriate public relations techniques/options so that they may advance to a desired level of performance and it finally found that Managers can help the firms' employees increase its overall capacity by looking for unmet employee needs and communicating them to the public relations committee members and human resources experts as a way to increase their employee performances in return. And recommends that due to the existence of the above mentioned limitations, future studies need to address the above limitations in order to obtain more convincing results. More specifically, special attention should be given to obtaining a bigger sample and lastly, continuation of the subject matter of this research could be based on a different case study in order to gain a richer and bigger picture of the effect of public relations on employee performance.
A Research Report Submitted To The College Of Economics And Management In Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Bachelor's In Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University
Public relations, Organizational performance, Uganda manufacturing sector, Mukwano Group of Companies (MGCS), Kampala-Uganda