The role of the Media and the Facilitation of Implementation of the New Constitution in Rural Kenya. (A case study of Ndeiya Location of Kiambu County).

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
This study seeks to critically appraise the role of the media in Kenya in the implementation of the new constitution. It attempts to critically analyze how and why the media is important in the process. Ti also shows that there is a direct relationship between press freedom, the roles of the media, and the nature of the government ion power. Relations between the media and the implementation of the new constitution cannot be ignored. However, this paper seeks to engage with the media and its role in the implementation of the new constitution in the rural Kenya, with special reference to Ndeiya Location of Kiabu West. A descriptive research design was used for in-depth analysis of the phenomenon. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument and targeted the population of 13 5 public servants and teachers in Ndeiya location of Kiambu County. A total of 45 questionnaires which represented the sample were sent out and 40 questionnaires were successful received back. Data was analyzed through statistical tools and presented using tables, bar charts and pie charts. The study recommended that the government should give the media freedom to exercise this right to informing people and also employ and involve media houses to propagate the importance of successful implementation of the constitution which would beneficial to the country in form of devolved government and socio-economic development. The members of parliament in Kenya should use the media to educate the public on the impottance of implementing the new constitution. Many a time is when parliamentarians and policy makers complain that part of the challenge of communicating about development issues with the public is how little people understand the structure or responsibilities of the various government agencies working on key policy issues like health, education, agriculture, or trade. With the constitution, the policy makers should use the media to educate the public about the implementation of the new constitution.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications of Kampala International University.
Media, Role, Facilitation, Implementation, New Constitution, Kenya