Learning Environment and Social Adaptation of Learners in Special Institutions in Nyamira District, Kenya

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Kampala International University. College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
The study surveyed on learning environment and social adaptation of learners with Special needs in special schools/units in Nyamira District Kenya. This research Determined further the following (1) profile of respondents (teachers) as to age, Gender, academic qualifications and teaching experience (2) the level of Conduciveness of learning environment (3) the level of social adaptation (4) the Significant relationship between the level of conduciveness of leaning environment And level of social adaptation of learners with special needs. The researcher used the Researcher made questionnaires to collect data. The researcher used means, Percentages and frequencies in data analysis. Researchers’ findings established a Positive significant relation between variables that is learning environment and social Adaptation relationship between the two variables was rejected having a mean of 0.554 based on the findings. The recommendations were divided to the following Aspects (1) teachers to prepare thoroughly (2) the ministry of education to conduct Seminars to sensitize and motivate teachers and train more teachers on special needs (3) policy makers to formulate policies to favour learners and persons with disabilities (4) the future researchers to conduct similar research and fill the gaps that the Researcher might has out.
A Thesis Presented to the School of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala international university Kampala, Uganda In partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Master in Special Needs Education
Learning Environment, Social Adaptation of Learners, Nyamira District, Kenya