A Girl Child Education and Family Conflicts: A Case Study Of Malera Sub County, Bukedea District

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in secondary education
This study was carried out under the topic "girl child education and family conflicts in Malera subcounty, Bukedea district. Objectives used are; (i) to identify the causes of family conflicts in Malera subcounty in Bukedea district (ii) to establish the link between family conflicts and girl child education in Bukedea district (iii) to find out tentative solutions to family conflicts so as to enhance girl child continuity in school. The design used in this research are qualitative and quantitative. The findings of the study are; pove1ty was the major cause especially when a man fails to provide for the family, family conflicts have negative impact on the girl child education, therefore there is need for guidance and counseling. The conclusion of this study is, the majority of the respondents were males in the age bracket of 10-20 years, single, had attained primary education but had no certificate. The recommendations; To the community developers of Malera subcounty should come up vigorously to sensitize the public on the effects of family conflicts on girl child education. To the government, train and recruit substantial number of counselors who will carry out the counseling of the affected families to avoid the negative impacts brought by family conflicts. To government of Uganda, should institute scholarships for girl child and uphold the affirmative action to enhance their continuity in school. To the future researchers, this will be secondary source of information for them as they carry out research in similar topics. To the researcher, this is a requirement to be fulfilled in order to be awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Education Secondary of Kampala International University.
A Research Report Submitted To the College Of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education of Kampala International University
Girl Child Education and Family Conflicts, Bukedea District