Thematic curriculum and teacher's performance in primary schools in Butiru Sub County in Manafwa District

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study entitled 'THEMATIC CURRICULUM AND TEACHER'S PERFORMANCE IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS' was carried out in Butiru sub county in Manafwa district. The specific objectives of the study were: • To find out whether prior training of teachers has an impact on the success or failure of thematic curriculum implementation in schools. • To find out whether the use of instructional materials affect the success or failure of thematic curriculum implementation. • To establish other factors determines the success of thematic curriculum implementation processes. The researcher employed both qualitative and quantitative data based on a cross sectional survey involving I 00 participants from ten primary schools selected in Butiru Sub County in Manafwa District. Study findings reveal that both prior training of teachers, the use of instructional materials affect the success of the thematic curriculum implementation. Several other factors were also such as parent attitudes and supervision and monitoring of the implementation process of the thematic curriculum by all stakeholders were found to affect the implementation process. Some of the challenges identified include: big numbers, failure by some parents to provide for their children exercise books, pencils and good meals, teachers and immediate supervisors like head teachers are not well trained to handle thematic curriculum, limited staff ceiling and poor participation by private schools which are exam oriented, the use of inappropriate teaching/ learning methods and inadequate scholastic materials and other instructional materials as well as negative attitudes towards the use of thematic curriculum. Recommendations should therefore include the deploying enough teachers in all schools in the country, training offered to all the stakeholders involved the implementation to enhance team work between the practicing teachers, immediate supervisors, lowering the teacher pupil ratio in lower primary from I :55 to 1:40, constructing more classrooms equipped with instructional materials to ensure a more child centered learning environment and encouraging parents to provide all scholastic materials to their children as well as lauching a countrywide awareness campaign to change negative attitudes among parents that deter the progress of the thematic curriculum implementation progamme.
Research report submitted to IODL in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Bachelors' Degree in Primary Education of Kampala International University, Uganda
Thematic, Curriculum, Teachers, Performance