Perceptions of employees towards automation: A

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
As Organizations continue to automate in order to reduce costs and increase quality, the employee's perceptions towards automation on the other hand have become a major critical area. This is because most employers are having to determine how they can implement automation and at the same time retain their workers. Automation has resulted into companies having to make unpopular decisions such as organizational downsizing, employee layoffs among other changes. This study sought to find out the perceptions of New Kenya Cooperative Creameries employees towards automation. Having explored automation and its main problems, the researcher's goal was to investigate employee perceptions and recommend measures that can be taken in order to improve the current situation. The investigations conducted utilized the qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The target population being all N.K.C.C employees, the researcher divided the employees into two subsets, the first subset was top level managers and the second subset was factory based workers. Included in this study were 32 employees from the various departments ofN.K.C.C Ltd. The researcher used stratified sampling to determine the sample size. This was done by dividing the population into strata according to the different characteristics of each group. This method ensured homogeinity, increased precision and accuracy. A self administered questionnaire was then utilized to collect primary data and contained three categories as follows; Demographic response, general automation opinion and intensive automation opinion. The Likert scale was used in the last category to measure respondents opinions as follows; 4 (strongly disagree), 3 (agree), 2 (disagree) I (strongly disagree). A letter was then presented to N.K.C.C General Manager, requesting permission to conduct the research in the organization. After the researcher was granted permission, the data was collected from the respondents, compiled and analyzed to present the Research findings. The research findings, according to the study, showed varied opinions; this is in view of the responses the researcher received from the respondents. Most N.K.C.C employees had no negative feelings towards automation, what they needed to be addressed by the management is automation benefits and how it affects their duties. The findings also revealed that N.K.C.C employees were willing to enter into a mutual relationship with the management so as to create a productive working environment.
research report presented to the faculty of business and management, Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of International Business Administration.
Automation, Employees, New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd.