Students’ Discipline and Academic Performance in Selected Secondary School: A Case Study of Entebbe Municipality

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Kampala International University, College/School of Education
The study will examine the students discipline and academic performance in selected secondary schools in Entebbe Municipality, Uganda. The Study objectives will be: to find out the forms of indiscipline among students in selected secondary schools, disciplinary practices and impact on performance and to establish how the above management systems are applied to deal with student discipline in selected secondary schools in Entebbe Municipality. The study will be adopted across sectional survey design where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. The respondents will total to 200 and of which will be selected using simple random and purposive sampling techniques. The specific respondents include: Head teachers, Students, Parents, Class Teachers. The study findings reveal that the forms of indiscipline include; disorder in classrooms, disrespect for teachers, verbal abuse of teachers, fighting among students and among others. On the other hand, the student disciplinary management systems in selected secondary schools in Entebbe Municipality include; use of school rules and regulations, admission practices, criteria for leaving school, punitive measures such as use of punishments. The findings also reveal that the student disciplinary management systems affect the management of student’s discipline especially when Teachers and school managers are involved in the management of students Discipline. The study will recommend that there is need to identify the forms of indiscipline and try to curb them. The study also will recommend that there is need to identify better management systems for proper management of students Discipline. It also recommends appropriate application of the management systems so as to curb indiscipline, such as use of guidance and counseling.
A Research Report Submitted to The College of Education Open Distance And E-Learning in Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Award of The Degree Of Bachelor of Arts with Education Of Kampala International University
Students' discipline, academic performance