Impact of purchasing system on the performance of a firm case of Kamuli Fine Bread Bakery, Wakiso District

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study is about the impact of purchasing system on the performance of small firms a case of KAMULI FINE BREAD BAKERY. The report gives an account to identify the impacts of purchasing system on the performance of a firm and the objectives of the study are; identifying how purchasing system impact on the performance of a firm, the factors affecting the purchasing system and to establish the relationship between purchasing system and the performance of a firm. Relevant literature by different Authors revealed the definition of purchasing system and the types of purchasing system, the impact of effective purchasing system, the relationship between purchasing system and performance, the techniques used in effective purchasing system, customer satisfaction an quality, how to develop reliable and effective source of supply and selection of supplier. The data collection instruments used by the researcher during the study are; questionnaires which was in two way namely open-ended and close-ended questionnaire, interview guide which was also in two ways namely structured and unstructured interview, observation which describes data relying on the researcher's seeing, hearing, and testing, and documentation review. Presentation, interpretation and analysis of data that was collected was done by excel which revealed that the type of purchasing system mostly used by the firm is manual system because it is cheap to maintain and the procurement of material in the firm is both centralized and decentralized since it is handled by different department. Effective purchasing system improves on the firm's competitive position and its performance; therefore there is a close link between purchasing system and performance of the firm.
Research report submitted to the School of Business in partial fulfillment for the a ward of bachelors degree in Supplies and Procurement management at Kampala International University
Purchasing system, Performance, Firm, Wakiso District