Analysis of implementation of information and communication technology programs in urban secondary schools. a case of selected schools in Makindye division in Kampala Uganda.

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Kampala International University,College of Education
This qualitative and quantitative research set out to investigate the Analysis and Implementation ofICT in urban secondary schools in Makindye division. It is a recent activity that has brought forth a lot of interest. However, there are many challenges that hinder efficient implementation ofICT including: lack of ICT laboratories, electricity, and teachers’ skills. This study explored how these challenges affect its implementation. Out of 10 public and private secondary schools in Makinclye division, 5 were sampled for the study. A total of 34 respondents were sampled through purposive and strat~fIed sampling. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used as main instruments for data collection. Out of 34 questionnaires distributed, 20 were properly filled and returned. Data analysis employed descriptive statistical techniques after which the results were presented in tables supported by some discussions. The result of this study indicated that computer are not enough in urban schools, teachers are not encouraged to teach using computer, computers are not available to teachers and students, most computer lesson were assessed theoretically and lack of computer laboratory ~ were limiting the implementation of ICT Generally, computer lessons per week were not a challenge, while Qualified ICT teachers are ready to teach with ICT skills. These factors that limit the implementation ofICT; need to be dealt with by the various stakeholders including: the Department of Education, the school management and private partners.
A research report submitted to tile College of Education, open and distance learning for the Award of a Bachelor degree of computer science with education at Kampala International University Uganda
Information, Communication, Technology, Makindye Divison, Uganda