The impact of packaging on consumer’s behavior a case study of Hariss international limited:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study was aimed at the impact of packaging on consumer’s behavior of an individual. The study was guided by three objectives that’s to say; To identify the impact of packaging on the consumer’s behavior that is to say how packaging influences the consumer’s behavior, to measure the role of packaging towards consumer’s behavior this is to see how important packaging is while consumer’s are purchasing the goods, to identify the challenges of packaging in an organization that’s to say problems different manufacturing organizations face during packaging. The collection of data was done in two phases where the first two objectives were for customers and the objective for challenges was for an organization of my choice which was Hariss international limited (Riham). The research design was both qualitative and quantitative in nature and the instrument used to obtain data was by the use of questionnaires. Data was analyzed and presented using Excel. The researcher expects to find out how relevant and crucial is packaging to both the consumers and the manufacturing organizations It was from findings that the researcher concluded that packaging is of great importance to consumer’s behavior and also concluded that organizations face a lot of challenges while packaging their products among which some were mentioned. The study will he useful for academic purposes as it will contribute towards filling the gaps in the knowledge about the importance of packaging to consumer behavior and how organizations have to take kin attention on packaging their product in order to attract consumers. Packaging is a structure designed to contain a commercial product for example to make it easier and safer to transport, to protect the product against contamination or loss. Consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups or organizations and the process they use to select, secure, use and dispose of products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy needs and the impact that these processes have on the consumer and society (Hawkins, Best, and Coney, 2001, p.7). Therefore, it is recommended for all manufacturing organizations to consider packaging as a sole source of consumer’s attention towards their products and more so these organizations need to evaluate packaging design and labelling for their effectiveness in the communication effort because it is also important to notice that not all consumers evaluate the packaging in the same way
a research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfilment of the requirements for fulfillment award of a bachelor’s degree in supplies and procurement of Kampala international university.
packaging, consumer’s behavior, manufacturing