Afforestation and economic development of farmers in Etam Town Council

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Kampala International University, College Of Education, Open,Distance And E-Learning
This study meant to find out effects of afforestation on economic development of the farmers. The study was carried out in Etam Town Council, covering four parishes of Chakwara, Arwot, Etam and Awiodyek. A total of five community leaders out of which the most two were sampled from each parish and three from the Town Council; and a total of ten farmers at least two were sampled from each parish. The study intended to find out the types of trees planted, to assess the benefits farmers are getting from afforestation, to examine the attitude of the farmers towards afforestation and to evaluate the challenges faced in afforestation. Interview guides and questionnaires were used to collect data and the data collected was analyzed using qualitative designed. The findings were summarized in figures. The findings declare among other things that fruit trees and wood trees were the most common types of trees that were being planted by the farmers and that was a source of food, income to the farmers. Another finding was that food, income (money), family welfare were some of the benefits that the farmers are getting from afforestation. The finding also said that over 50% of the farmers were interested in afforestation. Another finding was that shortage of land, pests and diseases; prolonged sunshine, negative attitudes by some farmers were some of the factors affecting afforestation. Another finding revealed that the economic status of people practicing afforestation was improving rapidly. Recommendations made in accordance with findings included; advice to the environmental officers and district leadership to provide seedlings and education to farmers, to provide market for the trees, advising farmers to use the little piece of land they have to plant at least some few seedlings yearly alongside crops for consumption. The recommendation to the government was that the redundant government land should be given to the capable farmers who can plant quality trees that will bring some good return to the farmers in a near future
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Education Primary of Kampala International University
Afforestation, Economic development, Farmers, Etam Town Council