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Title: Inventory management and organizational performance. a case study of kane fright logistics Kampala district
Authors: Halerimana, Vicent
Keywords: Inventory management
organizational performance
fright logistics
Kampala district
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The overall objective of the study was to find out the impact of inventory management and performance of organizations in Uganda while considering Kane freight logistic Kampala district. The study was guided by three objectives; to find out the techniques of inventory management used at Kane freight logistics Kampala branch, to examine the relationship between inventory management techniques and performance of Kane freight logistics company Kampala branch and to find out the challenges faced by Kane freight logistic Company Kampala branch in managing the inventories. Data was collected using a questionnaire and interview guide, and during data collection purposive sampling method was used. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies were used to analyze data as a sample size of 40 respondents was used. The study concluded that the common materials handling techniques used at Kane freight logistics Company Kampala branch include; integrated system (System Application and products) responsible for management intonation system, inventory requirement points, and over stock brands for the fast moving products, recoding, issue of inventories from the store that were previously purchased to the production department and arrangement of some company inventories according to the order of their importance. Also that, proper material handling technique plays an important function on the performance of organizations like Kane freight logistics Company Kampala branch and that the kind of relationship between inventory management techniques and performance of organizations in Uganda is positive. Lastly, that the challenges faced by Kane freight logistics Kampala branch in the process of managing inventories include; loss in inventories, predetermined products demand, opportunity costs, administration costs, theft and labour turnover, load shedding among other challenges faced by • the company. Q The study recommended management in manufacturing companies to always forward planning, centralize the purchase and store function, carry out stock taking exercise periodically, top management in most organizations to emphasis on the proper inventory management techniques and measuring of efficiency deviations to identify weaknesses -in• the process of managing inventories, managers in organizations to undertake forward production planning. Lastly, further studies are suggested on_ the following areas as: the effect of materials handling techniques on :employees efficiency in organizations and the relationship between labour turnover and employees' efficiency among organizations in Uganda.
Description: A research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of Bachelors' Degree in Supply and Procurement of Kampala International University
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