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Title: Impact of defilement on the rights of the primary school girl- child in eastern Uganda: case study Kidera Sub-County in Kamuli District
Authors: Moses, Balidawa
Keywords: Defilement
primary school
Girl- child
Kamuli District
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University.College Of Humanities and social science
Abstract: The impact of defilement on the rights of the primary school girl child in Eastern Uganda. Case study: Kidera Sub-county in Kamuli District. Objectives of the study: • To obtain the real causes of defilement on the primary school girl child. • To establish the impact of defilement on the rights of the primary school girl child. • To find practical solutions to defilement of the primaiy school girl child. The hypothesis of the study • Due to the existence oflaws, there is no defilement cases in Uganda. • Defilement has impacts on the primary school girl child in Uganda. Findings of the study The research therefore, found out that, poverty, children are forced into sexual practices by their parents, information technology, exposure to video shows, discos and music stages, corruption, domestic violence, restriction on children to express their views and lack of counselling prograimnes in schools. The study also found out that school drop outs, children die during pregnancy, children become helpless, children abandon their homes and subjection to sexually trai1smitted diseases are the impacts of defilement on the rights of the school girl child. The research found out that teachers, fishermen, bodaboda cyclists, relatives, neighbours, schoolmates, parents and pastors are the perpetrators of defilement in Uganda. It is believed that defilement has been encouraged by lack of public awareness, corruption, increased poverty and the emergence of more teachers with passion. It is also found out that there is no effectiveness in handling defilement cases by police, children are not talked to by the schools and parents. Therefore, the relationship between police and community has become poor. The study also found out that government measures included government laws in place that punish defilers, the government sensitize people about defilement.
Description: Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Science in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the a ward of the degree of Public Administration of Kampala International University
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