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Title: Effects of quarrying on the environment: a case study of Tala, Machakos District, Kenya
Authors: Moibi, Naftal M.
Keywords: Quarrying
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University.College of Engneering
Abstract: The study was conducted to establish the effects of qua1Tying on the environment using Tala, Machakos district as the case study in Kenya. Machakos district is found in the Eastern province of Kenya. It was intended to establish the extent to which quarrying has affected the environment in Tala. To examine what are the causes of quanying and suggest the possible measures through which quarrying effects on the environment. Fifty (50) respondents were randomly selected and these included households in the community and also the local council officials were interviewed to generate relevant data. Questionnaires were administered to the respondents who were able to read and write in the community. Where some of the respondents did not know how to read and write interviews were conducted. The study found that landscape degradation, soil erosion, loss of vegetation, loss of fauna were on an increase as a result of quarrying whose percentages were high as compared to the other land sue practices in Tala. The study concluded that quarrying practices affect the envirorunent in Tala that is soil erosion, water siltation, loss of vegetation and animals. The study recommended that permission to extract stones from quarries should be restricted by the government and NEMA. Sensitize the community about the effects of quarrying through media or by employing more environmental officers. Also the government should try to create more jobs to the community in order to reduce on the number people who rely on quan-ying in order to earn a living.
Description: Research dissertation submitted as a requirement in partial fulfillment for a ward of a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
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