Inclusive Education and Academic Performance in Selected Schools in Kirisia Division, Sambura District- Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of science with education
Teachers have great influence on learner's development. The role of the teacher is to manipulate the environment in order to facilitate earning while at the same time considering learner's diversities. What the teacher does therefore results in what is learnt. This means that the teacher's attitudes towards his/her learner greatly affect the learning of pupils with special needs 11 Students with learning disabilities have for a long time been denied adequate opportunities to practice and develop to their maximum potentials. For a long time such learners have been subjected to negative labeling, such as stupid, idiot, thickly slow learners and low achievers, by their teachers. This trend has persisted lnspite of intervention measures taken to alleviate the problem. The objective of the study was to evaluate the inclusive education and academic performance in selected schools in Kirisia division, Sambura District. A study adopted a descriptive survey method. The study included 30 respondents where 20 pupils and 10 teachers were interviewed. A questionnaire was developed for the respondents. The study found out that the level of teacher's attitude and development of ,learners is generally fair and students with disabilities perform fairly. The study recommended that the government should reward the teacher's good work by offering them better remuneration to enable them to develop positive attitude towards the learners with disabilities.
A Research Report Submitted to the Institute of Open And Distance learning in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirement for the Award of a Bachelor Degree of Science in Education of Kampala International University
Inclusive Education, Academic Performance, Sambura District- Kenya