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Title: Prostitution and the law in Uganda: a case study of kabala gala parish- Makindye Division
Authors: Sarah, Karungi
Keywords: Prostitution
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Kampala International University.College of Law
Abstract: The study is about prostitution and the law in Uganda and the area of intervention is located in Kabalagala Parish in Makindye Division in the suburban residential and characteristically slum area. People living in this area are in condition of abject poverty and consequently they have no possibility to afford the costs of basic needs, such as shelter, education, healthcare and food. Prostitution was established to arise from Media influences, lack of career guidance, poverty, independence to work, work environment, survival, addiction and background of the prostitute and effort to curb prostitution are failing due to abuse of law of by the officers, ignoring measures that promote prostitution, but measures such as peer to peer education, supervisory support and media campaigns are under way. It is concluded that, legalization of prostitution will help in ensuring that the business is conducted in safer way whereby the prostitutes would go through medical check-ups but the client would not have passed through the same tests, that would imply the prostitute is not safe either which implies that this approach is ineffective unless means to protect the prostitute too, are considered. It was recommended that, authorities engage social sciences experts to find out the real causes of prostitution; a combination of programmes that expand income generating opportunities; continuous training in needs analysis; behavioral change programmes; slum development as well as frnther research and sensitization of law Enforcement agencies/ brothel owners about commercial sexual exploitation.
Description: Research paper submitted to the Faculty of Law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a diploma in Law of Kampala International University
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