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Title: Motivation and academic performance of students : a case of Owimbi zone secondary schools; Rarieda district Kenya.
Authors: Awuor, Onyango Fredrick
Keywords: Motivation
academic performance
Rarieda district Kenya
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The study set out to determine the relationship between mc4ivthon and academic performance of students: of Owimbi zone in Rarieda district Kenya. A number of schools were motivating their teachers and students to stimulate the performance in National Examinations. Despite this, the performances of some schools in national exanimations were extremely very poor. The research information was on the characterized personal information of the teachers, subjects taught and grade attained. The school previous performance, types of motivation offered by- the school management and suggestions on how to enhance motivations in schools. Data for the study was obtained through structured interview, questionnaires and observations were used to gather information and how they influenced performance in the school. A sample population of 10 teachers and RU students were investigated. The survey led to certain conclusions first teachers; experiencing teaching and long stay in the school was a strong factor for the teacher to enable them to perform well in their work. There were still no quality passes: at national examination nth most of the students obtaining B plain. This could not enable the students to pursue quality courses at the university or a middle. level college. Subjects in which students obtained high/ better grades were taught by experienced teachers and to some extent these teachers had a kind of motivation for good performance. So in a way, motivation contributed to good performance to some extent percentage. There was little government participation in the motivation of teachers; the bulk work of motivating the teachers was left to parents who were already overburdened by school fees. Since they started appreciating the effort of teachers and students by motivating than, the schools mean grade improved progressively. This means that motivation contributed to good performance. Based on foregoing conclusion, certain recommendations were presented. First, the government through the ministry of education should take an active part in teachers through the provision of staff houses. This would enable the teacher to participate fully in his work without the worry of traveling home. Teachers Service Commission (T.S. C) should develop a scheme of promotion on value added. This would make teachers to be sure of what they expect when they perform well in their job. A teacher joining the school should be properly oriented on motivation policy. This would make the teacher to adapt well to the school system. Lastly, cash award has an immediate impact on teachers than any form of incentives; it should therefore b considered most popular motivations among teachers.
Description: A research report presented to the College of Education Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Bachelor Education in Arts of Kampala International University.
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