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Title: The impact of procurement ethics on procurement effectiveness in the public sector (a case study of Kotido local government)
Authors: Akot, Mary
Keywords: procurement
public sector
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: Kampala International University, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
Abstract: The study assessed the Impact of Procurement Ethics on Procurement Effectiveness in the Public Sector: A Case of Kotido Local Government. The objectives of the study included: To find out whether Kotido Local Government has policies regarding procurement ethics; identify possibilities of cases of conflict of interest by public officers in the procurement department in Kotido Local Government and to find out the relationship procurement officers in Kotido have with their suppliers among others The research employed Descriptive research approach where simple random sampling technique ''as used to get the sample size which required collecting information through questionnaire, interviews and a total sample size of 40 informants was interviewed. This size was more preferable due to time limit. the resources available t-0 carry out the research and it was also used to ensure accuracy in data collection and data was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively in form of: tables and conclusion were drawn at the end. The major findings ot'the study was that up to 95% of the respondents revealed that there existed a mutual relationship between Procurement Ethics on Procurement Effectiveness in the Public Sector such as the code of conduct, integrity. transparency, supplier relationship, contract awc1rding and disposing of public assets to mention but a few. Recommendations were that incentives should be provided to those that come out and pinpoint those that are carrying out this practice because they are dearly costing the public sector and organizations should benchmark those that have been able to control this practice so that they also use those mechanisms employed to among the few. In conclusion. therefore. because of the effects that come along with unethical conduct of procurement officials like misuse of public funds and award of contracts to incompetent providers thereby producing shoddy works, urgent remedial measures should be implemented in order to avoid the escalation of such mentioned effects that might lead to cases like mismanagement of office by those in juicy position.
Description: Kampala International University, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
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