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Title: The effects of peer pressure on academic performance of pupils in Amolatar District. the case of Awelo Sub-County
Authors: Odongo, Francis
Keywords: Peer pressure
Amolatar District
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The government of Uganda has been offering the Universal Education since 1977; still many pupils have been dropping out in various school in the country. This has been happening in many primary schools in Amolatar District.This has been a waste of resources. The main purpose of the study was to find out factorsleading to high rate of dropout in primary schools in Amolatar district so as to find solution in the problem.To get information needed questionnaires were prepared and distributed to the four primary schools in Amolatar district, interview guide were also prepared for the parents from each school of study. This was done because they could not read the questionnaires. The data collected from the above respondents organized and analyzed using qualitative method. The study found out that the rate of drop out was still high for both boys and girls as a result of early pregnancies, smoking crime rate and drunkardness. In order to reduce the high rate of drop outs, it was recommended that parents should discourage children from early pregnancies, smoking crime rate and drunkenness, business and fishing.Parents needed to be sensitized on the importance of education so that they could support their Pupils who drooped out of schools were to be made to go back to schools and complete primary education cycle.
Description: A research report submitted Faculty of Education as partial fulfillment of the requirement for the A ward of Bachelor in Education Primary Of Kampala International University
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