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Title: Effect of training cost, skill development and administrative support In ICT adoption in Institutions of Higher Learning in Meru County Kenya
Authors: Kambura, Silvia
Keywords: ICT
Skill dvelopment
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: This study investigates the ~Effect of Training Cost, Skill Development and Administrative Support in ICT Adoption in Institutions of Higher Learning in Meru County Kenya”. A cross sectional survey design was employed and in order to empirically investigate the extent to which affects influence ICT adoption, a self administered questionnaire was administered to a sample of 60 lecturers and 1 73students. Interviews were also carried out with 20 administrators from the four institutions. Observation and documentary review guides were used to obtain information that could not be obtained by use of self administered questionnaire and the interview guide. Using Pearson Linear correlation co-efficient, results reveal that cost of ICT training materials negatively influenced ICT adoption where as Skills development in ICT and administrative support positively influenced ICT adoption. This study suggests that ICT adoption in the selected institution of higher learning in Meru County was minimal. From the findings the student perceived that the cost of ICT materials and maintenance arc mainly high in selected institutions of high learning in Meru County. There were few computers and peripherals compared to students enrolment. Very few lecturers were using computers in teaching and most of the lecturers had low ICT skills. Provision of administrative support towards ICT training in from of finance, technical and managerial was very minimal. Conclusions showed that there was statistical insignificant relationship between the cost of ICT training materials and ICT adoption. Skills development in ICT positively affected ICT adoption. The administrative support in ICT and ICT adoption showed statistically significant relationship between the two variables. Recommendations were made to institutions to he encouraged to employ a variety of teaching methods ranging from face to face, workshops, online and self’ study programs depending on training objectives. Institutions • students and lecturers to cost share the cost of training materials and acquiring of ICT skills. The ministry of education should incorporate ICT training in national curriculum from primary to higher institutions of learning.
Description: A thesis submitted to the College of Higher Degrees and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Degree Master of Educational Management and Administration of Kampala International University
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