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Title: Factors influencing girl children dropout of school, a case study of Soin division in Nandi South district Kenya
Authors: Rop Kiplagat, Paul
Keywords: Girl children dropout
Soin division in Nandi South district
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Abstract: A qualitative descriptive study was undertaken with a purpose of investigating factors influencing girl to drop out of schools in Sain division. The following factors guided the study; to establish the role of educational policies and institutional processes in influencing girl child drop out; to examine the school based factors which influence girl household and community based factors which influence girl child drop out. The instrument used in the study was a questionnaire which was distributed to 60 primary schools teachers randomly selected from 6 schools. Findings revealed that the policy of cost sharing was forcing some girl children from schools. This was being worsened by the parents who had a negative attitude towards girl children and preferred boy education to girls. It was also discovered that government lacked proper policies for the security and protection of girl children in school and society at large. The study made the following recommendations that government of Kenya promote a holistic and holistic and integrated approach to development which ensures that all gender issues common to all sectors are adequately identified analyzed and addressed. That government mobilizes sensitize and train the population on gender issues. That adjustment is made from a gender perspective, the policies and programmes which promote a more equitable distribution of educational resources, opportunities and services. Governments together with educational experts redesign a gender responsive curriculum. Government must legislate social customs that cause girls to drop out of schools and to impose strong penalties against those adults found guilty of sexually abusing girls.
Description: A Report Submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning as a Requirement for the Award of Degree in Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education of Kampala International University
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