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Title: The role of forensic evidence on murder cases under the criminal justice systems of Burundi and Uganda
Authors: Irakoze Chadia, Clarisse
Keywords: Forensic evidence
Murder cases
Criminal justice systems
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Kamapala International University
Abstract: The research analyses the impact of forensic evidence on the investigation and prosecution of murder cases under the criminal justice systems of Burundi and Uganda. In Burundi as in Uganda, many murders case have been recorded in the past years until today, and some perpetrators have been apprehended. Many of these crimes, however, remain unsolved because of lack of sufficient evidence on which to charge the perpetrators. The lack of scientific methods of investigation heading to over-reliance on testimonial evidence has raised genuine concerns over time. In that breath, this study undertook to evaluate the importance or role of forensic evidence in the investigation and prosecution of murders case. The main objective is to analyse and evaluate the role and the place of forensic evidence in the investigation and prosecution of murder in the criminal justice systems of Burundi and Uganda. The methodology used in this study was doctrinal research based on the library materials involving primary source and secondary source. The research identified some gaps in the procedural laws of both jurisdictions, in particular of the absence of a proper way to carry out investigations on murder cases. The study further establishes that in Burundi no method of forensic science is used in criminal investigations of murder and for this reason the investigations are always done based on the traditional method of testimonies. In Uganda some forensic methods are used but the police staff in charge of conduct criminal investigation are not properly equipped in terms of training and other technical abilities relevant to examine different evidences collected on the crime scene. More so, there is lack of adequate equipment and other investigative tools. The research recommends that Burundi and Uganda, should improve the way of conducting criminal investigations using forensic science by investigating and prosecuting different crimes especially murder cases.
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