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Title: Problems faced by teachers teaching mentally retarded children in kairaa primary school Abogeta division Meru district Kenya
Authors: Riungu, Lucy Kananu
Keywords: teachers
mentally retarded
Meru district Kenya
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
Abstract: The research carried out is about the problems faced by teachers in the teaching of the mentally retarded children in Kairaa primary school Abogeta division Meru Kenya. The researcher being a trained special need teacher handling mentally retarded children in a special unit class failed to understand why so many mentally retarded children in the mainstream dropped out of school so often and tried to find out the degree of problems faced by teachers teaching mentally retarded children and address them.The study employed descriptive survey method to determine the problems of teaching mentally retarded children in Kairaa primary school where all fourteen teachers were interviewed through the use of researchers devised own made instruments, which were questionnaires and interview guides. The frequencies and percentages were used to determine analyzation and interpretation of the data. The field research are as the source of the data found that poor support by the stakeholders these are parents, school community and community at large, negative attitude, ignorance , lack of awareness . education system settings lack of enough trained special need teachers. mean scores competitions, curriculum, lack of enough educational resources and affects of mental retardations are all problems faced in the handling mentally retarded children by teachers. Further researchers on the problems face by teachers teaching mentally retarded children are vital or important by the future researcher. The government as need to train more special needs teachers and frequency auditing allocations. Ministry of education to streamline curriculum and syllabus for mentally retarded children, create awareness through work shops and seminars to teachers, parents and community about the mental retardation and give responsibilities to the trained special need officers so as to help create awareness and give support to the teaching and learning of the mentally retarded children.
Description: A research presented to the College of Education open and Distance Learning Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
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