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Title: Supplier relationship and business profitability:
Other Titles: a case study of Samona Products Limited Kampala, Uganda.
Authors: Agaba, Edinah
Keywords: Supplier relationship
Business profitability
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: This study established the relationship between supplier relationship and business profitability of Samona products in Kampala Uganda. The study was guided by four objectives (i) profile of the respondents in terms of, relationship, age, gender, education level, position in the organization, number of years worked, and the marital status; (ii) establish the different supplier relationship types (iii) the level of business (iv) the relationship between Customer .Relationship Management and business profitability in Samona products Limited. A survey design was used specifically qualitative and quantitative. Data was collected from 40 respondents using self administered questionnaires as the key data collection instruments. The finding revealed that customer relations management was very high, high profitability, increased sales, high supplier relationship, high level of outsourcing on technical services and products, the company does not provide for itself all the necessary materials, services required for the work. From the above findings appropriate conclusions, recommendations and areas for further research were made. conclusions were made regarding various research objectives (i) profile of the respondents , majority of the respondents were of age group 30-29(50%) , 50% were married, gender (59%) male and female (41), 50% worked in marketing department ,37.5 % had university degree, 75% had working experience of 5-8 years. (ii) supplier relationship management practices used were , No (95%) were not provided by the company, No(88% ) doesn't provide necessary products and service, , price of product/service(60) on emphasis put in identifying suitable suppliers, Recommendations were (i) Provision of necessary materials, (ii)using different suppliers, (iii)committing themselves to contractual arrangement, (iv)stock management, (v)putting up stock control measures, automate information flow, further research on the role of stakeholders in contract completion, further research on the role of accounting officer in supplier selection in organization quality performance. Areas for Further research were suggested as the impact of total quality management on organizational performance.
Description: The research report submitted to the college of applied economics and management science as partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Bachelor's Degree in supplies and procurement management at Kampala International University
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